Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To Current

In the course of an evening I've posted nearly a year's worth of pictures. As you have seen, I don't take a lot of pictures but when I do, there are many. Now that I'm caught up, I can renew my commitment to posting pictures, and in a more timely manner, I hope. Getting this blog caught up has been a big project of mine and now that I'm done I can move on to some other things but I can rest knowing that this, at least, is done.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of posting pictures on here, though. It just seems to be more work than it should be. But that could be because I'm posting into HTML, my problems with which have been widely publicized. It might also not the best place to post pictures, in a blog, where pictures aren't really showcased in the best fashion. But now that I've gotten to this point, maybe I can look around for some other things. Right now, for what it's worth, it's been good enough.

To mark this moment in time, here's an old picture I dug up a few month ago, found between some old tapes in storage. Rick Cortes, me, and Michael Carter; taken probably in late '95 or early '96:

San Diego Comic Con '08

July 2008: San Diego Comic Con. I actually took some pictures that show how much fun I had with the people who went with me. You can get better pictures of the convention from elsewhere but here's how it was from where I was at.

Dylan, my brother, 12, went with me this year, for the first time. Of course, he was more interested in the Transformers stuff but you can see I helped him along to broaden his horizons:
Then on the last day of the convention Roxxy showed up and of course you have a good time when she's around:
And of course she has to have pictures:
You can't believe how gigantic that elevator is:

Spring for Haircuts

I had been letting my hair grow out for over a year and a half and I needed a change. I needed a few pictures to send to a hair-stylist friend for advice and they also turned out to be a some nice pictures to mark that place in time, May '08 (photos taken by Dan Clark): Then I got my hair cut in early June and went to lunch with the lovely Amy Shepard, who agreed to take some pictures for and of me:
Then including the lovely and talented Amy (and my glasses):

Coachella '08

April 27-29, 2007: The Coachella Festival in Indio, CA. Good times.

The Coachella Four, in a picture taken by... I have no idea who. Vanessa, Mar, Andrew, Jerry:
Very expensive pizza, very expensive beer:
The few pictures I took of the performers didn't come out well. I was generally just testing the limits of my camera's zoom feature to see if I could get a better view of the bands with female singers but it didn't turn out well. Trying to get a picture of an off-stage clock to see what time it was since my phone died didn't work either. There is this one picture of Jenny from Rilo Kiley that turned out decently well:
This is kind of an inside joke with me and someone else. But wouldn't this be delicious?:

Josh Bachelor Party '08

February 16, 2007: Josh was getting married and I was the best man so it was up to me to throw a party. The pictures pretty much tell the story. It was the conventional bachelor party, with blindfolds and a confused groom and all that. Not pictured:
1. The go-karting, since it wouldn't be advisable to have a camera while riding those karts.
2. Inside the car, because it's never as much fun to take pictures of people riding in cars as you want it to be.
3. The nudie-bar we ended up at, because apparently strippers are self-conscious and don't want their pictures taken.

Josh, the groom:
Actually a different picture than the one before:
Matt, Mar, Brian, Josh, Bryan:
Josh's legs, for some reason:
There was a carousel on the way to dinner and Josh was still blindfolded so for some reason it seemed funny to take him on it when he couldn't see anything:
Brian presumably has the other side of this picture but he never got it to me:
At dinner, just a few hours before seeing girls with big, fake boobs:

Birthday '08

I had my usual huge birthday party, and even split it the Vanessa (whose birthday is a week before mine), but somehow I came away with no pictures except for the ones on my camera, and even those number dreadfully few. I don't even remember if anyone was even taking pictures that night. But I have my memories and I know it was a good time so that's what's important. But I need to make sure I get some pictures next year. Here's what I had.

Vanessa, Mar, Ed, Andrew, Brian (at the restaurant before the party):

The only record of a party having taken place: